About Bowie Bakery


Bowie Bakery is located at 901 S. Park Street in El Paso's historic "Segundo Barrio", was originally established in 1951 and was later sold by the original owners to Mr. Angel Marquez.

Mr. Marquez, or "Don Angel" as he was affectionately known by friends and loved ones, began baking bread at the age of thirteen in his hometown of Sombrerete, Zacatecas in Mexico.

As a young man, he moved to El Paso and began working for a bakery, where he met his wife, Maria Guadalupe Marquez. The couple relocated to California, but returned to El Paso in 1971.

In 1971, bringing with him many years of experience in the fine art of baking traditional Mexican pastries, Don Angel bought the little bakery that, to this day, sits at it's original location on the corner of 7th and Park Street.
Throughout the 35 years of ownership by the Marquez Family, and after expanding the original building into the actual building, Bowie Bakery has become El Paso's premier establishment of baked goods.

Sadly, Don Angel passed away in July of 2005, but, carrying in his father's footsteps, Juan Marquez continues the family tradition of making El Paso's favorite "pan dulce". Juan Marquez and the bakery staff continue offering to customers and friends the same quality and good service offered since the first time the bakery opened.

After Don Angel passed away, President George W Bush sent a personalized letter expressing his condolences to Maria Marquez and the Marquez family. The Bush family first visited Bowie Bakery in the Segundo Barrio when George W. Bush was governor of Texas.